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Saturday, July 1

3 syllables. Sounds like....charles?

"Mom, can you get me some charles?"

"Uh...some what?"

"Charles. You know, the ones that cover your belly and your back and have straps like a muscle shirt."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

(disgusted, frustrated sigh) "Mmmm---uuuuhhh-----mmmmmmm!" (while rolling his eyes)

"What would you use a charles for, Tim?"

"To wear, like pants. But like my muscle shirts only go to here" (pointing to his shoulder)

What planet are you from child?

"Do you mean overalls, Tim?"

"YES!! Can you get me some of those?"

"Some of what?"


You have enough problems, crazy....the last thing you need is a pair of overalls and people calling you Timmy.


vicki said...

only Tim...lol
What's wrong with overalls, Jess??

Cletus and Beatrice said...

You know you're a red neck whem you don't know whats wrong with overalls...

Anonymous said...

...overalls are not life threatening or morally threatening...
y'all come back now , ya hear!!