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Thursday, July 13

Fruits (or flowers) of my labour

Surprise! This popped up in my front garden -- I almost pulled it thinking it was a weed....luckily my 'helpful' neighbour memorized the gardens for me and informed me it was Echinacea.

A little bigger......a little greener ;) my sunflowers would be bigger if it got more sun. Unfortunately I'm limited because of the shade....and so are the Sunflowers :(

Grown from root....they all lived!! This is my platycodon.....from a group of roots I picked up at Wal-Mart and thought if even 1 survived I'd be happy -- all 6 are doing fine! And even started to multiply!

Tiger lily....present from the neighbour - when she planted my garden. It's a great corner filler. Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

Beautiful!Good for you,Hon! Enjoy!!

ikciv said...

Beautiful!Good for you,Hon! Enjoy!!

Michelle said...

beautiful :)