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Thursday, July 27

I got a job for Tim's Birthday

Yep, I got a job today. I can finally say goodbye to the Y!

It's just a cashier position but I am amazed by how well it is all working together. It was perfect timing and the hours will work out amazingly with my schooling and with Garnet's schedule. I am staying on at the Y until I start school in the fall - just because I can work both right now and extra cash is never a bad thing.

It all went really fast -- I had my interview on Monday, she called me Tuesday and asked me to come in for an hour today and meet the other employees and get a feel for the store. After the hour she said "We really like you and want to offer you the position."

I feel like I can finally take a breath. I was so worried that the fall would come and I'd be still stuck at the Y. I had a huge falling out with the my co-worker and luckily don't have to work with her in the summer -- but in September we'd be in eachother's face again....and I was sick at the thought! (It's pretty bad stuff)

Now, it's all good.


Michelle said...

great news! extra cash is good!

vicki said...

Congrats, Hon...and Happy Birthday to my little Tim!!

Hilsy said...

YEAH!!! I am so excited for you hon! :) :) :)

one week! :)