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Thursday, July 20

Oh it's on, baby!!

With the beautiful weather - and lots of time off lately we've been majorly enjoying our back yard this week. Tim brought out his kid-size Badminton set the other day and we were enjoying some Friendly Badminton. It turned nasty when Garnet and I got hold of the rackets and I showed him who's boss! Yeah, I totally kicked his butt....twice!
I won't brag about the score or anything but let's just say I had 20 and he wasn't even at the 15 mark.

Easy win.....easy win. (And you can totally quit laughing your ass off at the image of Garnet and I taking a kiddy badminton game this seriously....we easily ooze in competition.)

He claimed that it was the short rackets and the cheap birdy that were the cause of his embarrassing loss. (excuses, excuses) So I picked up some rackets and birdies today...but our rematch was rained out. He'll have to "show me" how he can "kick my butt" some other day.....

Yeah, that's right honey - just call me Queen....you know you want to.


Anonymous said...

forsyth vs little no contest,./

Anonymous said...

i have the "adult size" net for the rematch. i think it would only be fair, that way there are no excuses when forsyth dominates little! best of luck to you both! may the best spouse win! :)

Jessi said...

great idea ang! you'll have to come and be our audience....that way garnet can't ever deny it when i kick his butt yet again ;)

Jenni said...

I'll play the winner on Sunday... I can't wait to hear the rest of this story..
See you all in a few days..
Love Jenni

vicki said...

Hey Jessi...it's another thing you and i have in common....did I ever tell you that the only 'trophy' I ever got was badminton!! Now Garnet is really scared.... right?....Go Jessi!!!go Forsyth!!
xoMama Forsyth