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Sunday, July 9

Spent the last day at Lake Talon

Mom and Me

Me and Hillary (and Tim making faces)

Me and Dad

Garnet and Hillary

Who let him out of the cage?

The rednecks got to him....

The Chutes!!


Hillary's sad....the fish took her line :(

Hillary showed that fish who's boss!!

Swimming at the Chutes! Posted by Picasa


the salmon said...

yay! the chutes, we loved the chutes...i might not be back in N.B. for a long long time now...i'm still hoping for a high school reunion...has jake ever heard of one happening?

Jessi said...

yes,we love the chutes!! great memories there, huh?!
i don't know if jake's heard anything -- a reunion would be cool though! (and a very good excuse to come back to north bay for a visit!)