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Wednesday, July 26

Tim's Turn to be BIRTHDAY BOY!

I can't believe that my baby is 6!!.........That just seems too old! His party was tonight - tomorrow is his real big day. Uncle Josh came down to spend a week with us and enjoy all the fun.
Birthday Boy!!

My Batman cake that I slaved over all day ;) (yes, I know it's lopsided......)

My precious cake (that Justin (the toddler) destroyed - notice the sides......)

Say Cheese!!!


Swimming in the rain! (We thought the party was ruined because it was rainy --- but the boys were tough enough to swim in the rain)

Me and my big 6 year old Birthday Boy!

Big Uncle Josh likes the kiddy Loot Bags!

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vicki said...

Wow!! Another party...Tim you are so special!! Even Sammy looks so happy!
Love Papa Don and Gramma Vicki

Michelle said...

happy birthday, tim!

vicki said...

Jessi...you did an amazing job on the cake!!!