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Sunday, August 6

Aunt Mary worked on a family trivia game - to help divide all of the family heirlooms left by Great Aunt Jane who recently moved into retirement living and handed down her belongings to the family.
Let the games begin!!

Aunt Mary was the MC and the boss!!

They even got Garnet to wear pearls from Great Aunt Janey

The fun blue team

Hillary and David from the 'slower' team.....but they were having fun ;)

The orange team -- clearly having a blast!!

Shopping for the goods

Mom in a pretty hat.....and of course by 'pretty' I mean if she ever wears it out in public I will disown her


Tim chilling with Brittany and her (very brave fro coming!) boyfriend! Posted by Picasa


vicki said...

You had to be a Quinn to understand that it was really fun...

vicki said...

I'm glad Garnet was brave enough,too!