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Saturday, September 16


I got an email from Tim's Kindergarten teacher this morning. I have mentioned before how amazing and special she was to us. We both feel that Tim was blessed to have such an amazing start in his school years. We miss her this year - she will be a hard teacher to match!! He is adjusting soooo well to Grade one - he got a special prize yesterday for being "caught" listening and doing his work. And just seems to be soaking up the new information that he is fed everyday!
Anyways, his Kindergarten teacher wrote me a little note this morning and brought me to tears. She says that she is thrilled that he still comes up to her in the school yard because he is special to her. She then told me and sent a picture of a little guy that reminds her of Tim in her class now;

"I wanted to tell you that I have a little boy who reminds me so much of Tim in his unique and wonderful personality. He makes me laugh every day!! I feel very fortunate to have this little boy, as all teachers need a "Tim" in their classroom!"

We as parents can easily see our child's special and unique qualities -- it warms my heart when someone else (who is so important in shaping and guiding him as well) can see them and help him grow and thrive in his uniqueness as well!

I'm such a cry baby.....and a proud Mommy!


vicki said...

Tim is very unique and special...give him a mush for me...and you are a great Mom. She is an amazing sensitve person as well, not just a good teacher. Go ahead and cry Hon...it's happy tears...

Michelle said...

that is so sweet! i was wondering, were you able to keep Tim at the same school, or did you have to move him? what all happened there?