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Sunday, September 10

Canada's Wonderland

Yay!! We're here!!......FINALLY! Like my cool 3D glasses?


Pirate Ship

Taxi Jam

Bumper Cars were his favorite!!!!!

The Fly!!! (Wasn't scary enough for Tim ;)

The Golden Pizza! Posted by Picasa

This trip was planned about 4 times this summer -- and we finally went on Saturday. It was a gray gloomy day and we weren't sure if the rain was going to hold out - but it was the last possible day that we could have gone. Tim and I had to buy Wonderland Sweatshirts - because we were frozen and not well prepared.....Garnet toughed it out. The good thing about bad weather is that the line ups were not too crazy and we didn't have to wait long for many of the rides. Ironically, this was the weekend that Garnet and I met 8 years ago....it wasn't planned that way but forced us to sentimentally reminisce.


vicki said...

Happy Anniversary again!

Charity said...

Oh the memories... and I ws supposed to go to wonderland with some friends that day but plans changed last minute... if only we had been in line together again:)

Jessi said...

that would have been so cool charity! it's been too long since i've seen you!