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Saturday, October 7

Indeed, plenty to be thankful for!

So, what's a girl to do after she masters the art of standard transmission??? Take it on a roadtrip of course! Hillary, Tim and I went to Orangeville and met up with Mom, Dad and Josh to celebrate Thanksgiving with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Murray, Aunt Christine and Uncle Jack. It was a beautiful Fall day and we had a wonderful time -- (despite a 911 call and ambulance trip t othe hospital when Uncle Murray had a few fainting spells and we were worried about his bad heart).
I drove a total of 6 hours in 1 day - through the city of Guelph where every stoplight is on a hill!! It was a great trip - and with my encouraging, sweet sister beside me I feel secure now to drive a standard anywhere!
I'm trying something new here with the pictures - let me know how it works out. To see a picture bigger just click on it. Enjoy the slideshow ;)



A little birdy told me you were squawking the tires at every stop light where the road inclined 1 degree.

Jenni said...

Congrats Jess.. Something I want to learn so maybe you can help.
I would really like to meet
Love ya, Happy Thanksgiving

Jessi said...

oh believe me jenni --- you've met him.
you know him all too well!!

i'll help you anytime -- matt's already got me lined up for a teaching lesson too!


...the blind leading the blind...

Anonymous said...

Who told Garnet...???

vicki said...

Great slideshow!
And thank you for the nice time together on Saturday. It was good to see you but it went too fast! We have so much to be thankful for...

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Little family, and of course Hil. Hope you had a nice time up north, looks like you did. The slide show is awesome!! (My only question about it is, can I slow it down on my end?) Great pics as usual!

Jessi said...

Thanks Ang, Happy Thanksgiving to your family as well!

I don't think you can slow the slideshow down -- but if you wanted to see a picture better you can click on the big screen of it and it opens that picture in a different window and you can click it again to see the original.
hope that helps.