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Tuesday, October 24

Late Thanksgiving at the Cameron's

We went up (and that's UP not HUP - the damn dog's not german, Garnet!)to see the Cameron's for a late Thanksgiving meal. As always there were plenty of laughs (usually at Garnet's expense) and it was a wonderful time!! Hillary may never go again - in fact we are still waiting for her to stop rocking back and forth with her hands over her ears -- but whatever. We love you guys so much, thanks for helping us remember how to laugh from our tummys....and now the videos that were made to be used in Blackmail;
Garnet is trying to fix the chair but they are having too much fun with the flash light that you have to shake to turn on. Warning; 1 bad word and a hard to understand sexual inuendo.....

Pilsbury dough boy wants his cinnamon buns!! Anne doesn't like the pop!

Tim steals the show with the Lightning Mcqueen dance he learned from Dad.....


vicki said...

Thanks for sharing all the laughs! looks like a great time!

Jenni said...

My stomach still hurts from laughing.. It's so great when you guys visit.. and Hilary it only gets worse.

Sorry... :)

Love you lot's