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Friday, October 20

To buy or not to buy....

Sometimes, I hate being an adult. I'm mistaken for being a teenager every other day - maybe because I am young at heart, maybe because I've had the same hairstyle since I was 15, or maybe because I have been blessed with the ability to look like I am 16 until I hit 40.

I am always asked what highschool I'm doing my volunteer hours for in the hospital. I get 'the look' when I talk about my son and almost always have to stop midsentence and clear up the fact that - no, I did not have my son when I was ten. I am 26. And always, after giving my age it's the same response; "Gasp. Really! I would have given you ___" (insert appropropriate adolescent age)

But looks aside, I sometimes resent the fact that I have to make mature decisions and act like a grown up. Garnet called me yesterday on his way home and said "Skip your test today -- I want you to come with me." It was highschool all over again; school schmool.....I'd skip every other day and still managed to pass somehow. It was tempting -- but I wrote the test anyway and met him afterwards.


Holding heaven in my hands. A digital slr camera. I want one so bad it hurts. They take the most amazing pictures and I have been holding off for such a long time. Our camera is amazing and I have no problems with it whatsoever -- but it's not an slr.

Decision time: I thought about what I'd be giving up; movie mode. No slr comes with movie mode -- and I loooove taking videos.

Then, of course, the price.

Being adults - we have a house (that needs renovating in every room), we have 2 cars (-- one that is in the shop as we speak), bills, student loans, plus more school tuition coming up in the next 2 years.

I begrudgingly knew the right decision. The decision that makes every ounce of my adolescent self want to scream; "But it's not fair!!"

I put my slr heaven back.

Even though I may not look like one --I'll be an adult today.


You Only Live Once said...


Jessi said...

thanks honey, i love you too.

oh, can you feel the love of my husband everybody?? he's pouting because i didn't agree to buy the camera.

Jenni said...

Why didnt you buy that camera??? I want your old one so go and buy the new one PLEASE PLEASE.. Dont be an adult Jess, be selfish and get that camera, then be an adult and give the old one to Jenni who loves your son more than anything in the world, who is interested in taking wonderful pictures now and who cant afford to get one on her own!!! Please dont be an adult..

Anonymous said...

Just remember Jessi that you inherited your youthful looks from your Mom's side of the family ..... and that's not a bad gene to have at all !!! :)