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Wednesday, November 1

Mr. Incredible!!!!!

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The usual Camera Queen let everyone down last night. I think there is something wrong with my rechargeable batteries -- all 4 sets were dead last night, again. I managed to shoot this one and one with Hillary's camera before hers died as well. So dissapointing. He had fun - and I was so proud as he remembered to say "Thank you and Happy Halloween" to every single house. (Even if they were trying to shut the door quickly - he still stuck his head in there to get it in!)


Anonymous said...

Tim looks so handsome!! I'm sorry you couldn't get more pics. You know, my camera is doing the same thing. It seems that every time I charge them they are saying "Change the battery pack". Oh bite me will yah!!!! Dan says it's time to buy some new batteries. (You think?) They are almost 2yrs old. He says that over time they actually stop recharging properly. So much for rechargable batteries, eh!

Jessi said...

yeah, we thought that was the problem too -- until we bought new ones and it's still doing it! i'm at a total loss!
hey, by the way, tim just said the other day; "hey, we should see angela and alicia - we haven't seen them in a long time!" so we might stop in sometime soon ;) (i'll give you the heads up)

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome! ethan is so big you won't believe it! and we just built a bar in our basement that i would love to show off!!! call us soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the costume!