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Thursday, November 16

My Little Author ;)

Tim has been writing books like crazy lately - he brings them into school and reads them in front of the class. He's written about 10 in the last week; here are a few excerpts from my favorites. I guess he has my love-of-writing genes ;)

He wrote this one at school -- I bet his teacher was impressed with his family life. Maybe it's time for Garnet to start cooking supper ;)
(I just realized it isn't clear when you enlarge it; it says "My Dad sits on the couch all day and he never cooks supper.")

We love the logic of these; "Stop signs and stop lights" and "School" Posted by Picasa

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Michelle said...

kaeden has made a few books too, but it's still mostly pictures :) can't wait for him to write a whole book by himself!