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Monday, November 20

So, what does a roast beef have to do with tendonitis?

I went to my doctor today after severe wrist pain has plagued me for 3 months. I hurt it in the summer and waited until now to make an appointment (even with Hillary my second "Mommy" telling me that I should "really get that checked out" every day)

This is the Roast beef part of the story.

Our neighbours had given us roast beef as a thank you for Garnet fixing their Computer. As Garnet was walking home with the frozen roast he yelled out "Catch!" I tried, but failed miserably as it caught the side of my hand and threw my wrist into a weird contortionist act.

Ever since we started dating Garnet has always thought it was "cute" how I can catch things on a whim. I have always loved baseball, I played for years and was even lucky enough to practice with the boys teams that my Dad coached. (Even though that was more flirting than baseball ;)
So because of my baseball talents Garnet is always whipping things at me and getting a kick out of yelling "catch!" while it's in mid-air.

There have been a few other misfortunes with this little game. Tim still talks about when Daddy threw the water bottle at Mommy's nose. Seeing the reaction of shock - I have to clear up the story about how it bounced off the door frame and caught me in the face.....and that is why we don't throw things in the house, Honey. Right.

And the Tendonitis part.

After the doctor prodded and poked, bent and disfigured my wrist even more.....he decided it was tendonitis. The roast beef had messed up my tendons and the pain wouldn't have been so bad if I had rested it and gotten it checked right after. Well, gee, ya think? He got me an X-Ray just in case - but said I have to wear a wrist brace or tensor bandage at work so I don't mess it up any more.

And Garnet? He feels horrible about it -- but couldn't help playing the "I told you so" card with Hillary that I should have gone months ago like they told me.

He's going to have to enjoy all the other "cute" things I do -- cause that one is out of service for a while.


Jenni said...

Something must be in the air Jess, my wrist is killing me too. I got it caught between the chair and the desk at work the other day.. I know, What?
And now it just aches. It swells, and it tingles, and it gives out every so often.. I have a Hillary at work too. My co-worker, I always say "i hate to complain but my wrist hurts", her response.. "You really should go and get it checked.."
So mybe I should go..
From one sore wrist to another

Anonymous said...

oooh - NOT fun! i hope it gets better soon!