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Monday, December 4

Chinese Girls Night Out

Hillary was craving Chinese tonight, (even though I know she would have preffered Spaghetti)....so we decided with the boys up in the great white north - that we would go out for Chinese and a little shopping!!

We had some great conversation, I love having having a sister that is also a best friend. She just gets me and we've been through everything together, and I love talking to her. She's the best.
But before I get too sappy I have to be the annoying big sister and tell you the funny, funny story. And yes, I have her permission to make fun of her on the blog.

Hillary is single. And we like to tease her about it. But she knows - that the only reason that we tease her about it is because we know that she is beautiful, smart, kind and sweet and WILL meet a wonderful man who will fly out to pakistan with her and live there happily ever after. And yes, he will have blue eyes, dark hair, be the geeky-cool smart, hot (but shy, not cocky), be exactly 6'1" and all the other five hundred and thirty three things on her list. But until he comes - we tease.

After a very yummy meal (in which I told her that if she continues to eat that many chicken balls in one sitting, that any man in his right mind would be intimidated and run away anyways)I get my fortune cookie and explain to her that is I don't like my fortune - I will be stealing hers.
I open to this:

"Weeeeeeee SHOPPING" we both squeal with emphatic sarcasm.

And she gets this;

"Awwwwww.......what is that supposed to mean?" She figures that even the Chinese horoscope and maker of fortune cookies are out to pick on her, and remind her of her singleness.
"They think I'm a loser" (Don't worry Mom, she's sarcastically trying to pretend to be sad. It's not real) And we both have tears from laughing so hard.

And I hand her a wet nap and say "Oh no honey -- they think YOU A WINNA!!!!"

Love you babe!


vicki said...

Such good times!!
mom xo

the salmon said...

hey jessi, pass this onto hillary for me :D

i wrote a list when i was 15 and prayed over it. then dated a few guys (2 james' to be exact) and they were not exactly like my list...they didnt last.

then along came derek. after we were dating awhile, different items from my list kept coming back to my memory and i realized--derek was totally fulfilling my list!!! and it was pretty detailed and some of it was even silly (like jogging together--and he was an avid runner and totally taught me how to train for races and such). anyway. God knows what you want and what you actually need, but thats just my cute story of how i was pleasantly surprised.

Jessi said...

that's sweet amanda. that's one good thing about hillary living here is that i get to share all my history too -- so in the midst of the teasing i can share and encourage through my experiences too. i often say it's so good that i didn't end up with some of the guys i thought i was going to end up with!

Jer said...

Someday maybe I'll tell you a little story about this blog post. It's quite amusing.

(semicolon close parenthesis)