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Sunday, December 3

Christmas Tree Farm

The cutest tree on the farm!

Charlie Brown Tree....

Found a nice one:)

Can you find Tim?

Horse Ride

Horse and Wagon Ride

COOKIE!!!!.....with just a little icing ;)

Train Rides!

Warming up by the fire to end the perfect Christmasy Day (if only there was a little snow....) Posted by Picasa

It looks like we are making an annual tradition of going with Sandra and Wayne and the boys to find their tree. Our tree is fake so we can have it up forever - but one of these years we might cut down our own as well. It's so pretty and peaceful there - and the boys have a blast! This year there was a new Rope Glider (video) Tim loved it!
Last year there was a couple inches of snow -- and that was the only thing that would have made this year better - but I'm not rushing it!!

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