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Monday, January 1

Breathe....it's a New Year

Happy New Year everyone....I've been a big procrastinator so grab a cup of tea and sit down for this one -- it's been a month coming.

I'm finally sitting down - and finally getting the chance to relax, take a breath and update the blog. The last month has seemed to be a whirlwind - fun and exciting....but so exhausting. Garnet and I juggled our work schedule and we had a total of 3 days the whole month where we were both off. We made a habit of going out for breakfast because it's a cheap meal -- and because the mornings worked out well for alone time (with Tim in school and Hillary at work). Then one of us was off to work or school or errands or who knows what.

We were able to celebrate with the Camerons on Christmas Eve's Eve. As always it was a fun, laugh-from-the-gut night. The highlight being Anne throwing her plate at me as the dog knocked over her tv tray, and her pop landed in her lap. We enjoyed watching them learn to use their new digital camera that Santa brought to the Little house for them ;) - they both did way better than we thought and technology is not such a scary thing now is it?! They had a wonderful, yummy breakfast the next day, while Matt and Tim became experts in the silly string/spiderman's web area.....and we were off again.

Christmas day was a little different than usual. We were up at 5 am because Garnet had to work at 8. It seems that we are making a habit of being the ones to wake up our kid on Christmas morning -- how wrong is that!?!
Tim got spoiled but we make a point of going through his room every year and giving away a bunch of stuff before Christmas so we have an emptier room to stuff everything into! This year he was very involved and very generousin giving his stuff away. Garnet and Tim went on a charity afternoon to drop off his toys, a turkey, some canned goods and even bags of dog food for the Humane society. We try to teach him to be thankful and aware that he is very lucky. After opening the gifts and playing with the new toys Tim and I were in bed napping on Christmas morning by 10. We went for a quick visit out to Papa Little's and then for a nice Turkey dinner (our only one this year!) at Sandra and Waynes. Garnet was home by 8 that night and we were all in bed by 9.
My crazy kid -- (thats blueberry syrup - not wine. And the psycho posessed horse that Justin got from his Grandpa - but was deathly afraid of.)

Boxing day was a fun, exciting travel day to North Bay. We surprised my Grandma and nearly gave my mom an ulcer from worrying about the feezing rain when we called minutes before we pulled into the driveway.

One day of visiting with Mom and Dad and cousins and Grandma - was wonderful but all too short. Although, I am amazed at what we packed into 2 days!! (the album with all the pictures is in the previous post)

I got two other wonderful visits in this year that don't happen very often. I picked up Nathan after a day of travelling all the way from BC. His brother was getting married over the holidays and he was staying at my parents house as his own parents' house was over-crowded (and my house was always his second home anyways!) Our visits overlapped for all of 12 hours and we made the most of those few hours by staying up til the wee hours of the morning catching up and having the wonderful conversation that I can always count on him to have. He is such a great friend and it's always refreshing to catch up with him. I last saw him on my visit out to BC for his wedding 3 years ago. He has since become a father and with another one on the way in less than a month (which is why poor Amber couldn't make the trip) - it seems that time has flown by faster than it should. Next time -- we are doing coffee! (now that you're addicted too Nathan!)

We also stopped by to see the beautiful Emily and her wonderful family in Bracebridge on our trip home. Unfortunately, we didn't plan it very well - and it was nap time - but her kids are so wonderful and fun you wouldn't have known it. We only got a quick visit and I had the camera with all intentions of taking a picture - but with good conversation, 4 busy kids and 3 busy dogs - it didn't happen. I never get to stay very often at Em's - my allergies go into full swing with her kitties and doggies.....but we are planning a camping trip in their back yard this summer so that I can get a nice long visit in and still breathe! Even just a quick hug from her feels like it energizes me until our next visit. It's amazing the powerful energy that real friends give you. I miss you Em.

Since we got home -- Garnet and I worked all weekend. And for the first time in 6 years - Tim was with a babysitter while mom and Dad worked! It sounds wierd but it's true. Other than our blessed Nanny Hillary that is living with us right now we've never had a sitter while we worked. And it was an exciting adventure as air freshener set off the CO2 and Gas detector and Tim and the Babysitter were on full alert thinking they were being poisoned in the house. Tim ran outside to the neighbours in his sock feet and a t-shirt in the pooring rain and the babysitter called me at work. Fun times.

Last night we went to a great party with a few couples and their kids to ring in 2007. Today we had a great day of cleaning, getting organized and putting away all the Christmas decorations. :( It's sad -- but the house looks so nice and big and tidy now! And I finally feel like my head is on straight.

That felt good -but I should have taken the time to do little updates so that this one wasn't so big and long. Sorry, I hope I didn't bore you all too much, and I promise to be a better blogger in 2007....... Maybe ;)


vicki said...

Never boring,Hon!

code said...

I'm curious how exactly one becomes a "better blogger". Maybe you can enlighten me? :)

Jessi said...

i mean like how i used to be....instead of updating more than once a week with little, unorganized blurbs.

Charity said...

happy new year jess!! I love reading all of your updates...reminds me that I should write more... but anyway, I'm glad you had such an amazing holiday...and got to see Nathan! Crazy, I haven't seen him in years! (and he looks exactly the same) Do you have an email or contact for him?

RB said...

Jessi can you send me your e-mail address please. Hilsy knows what it is if you don't.

Thank you -Rach

Jessi said...

hi charity, yes i have his email - i'll send it to you. i think an email to you from me is way long over due anyways!!

and hi rach, i'll get your email from hill and send you a message.