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Saturday, January 13

Greatest description of me ever!

After my husband borrowed my blogger account to comment on a co-workers blog -- he responded with a blog entry about me! I am now known as "A Patient Woman" on his blog list --- in which he describes as "one who loves her spouse but yet is smart enough to occasionally put her fingers in her ears and say "blah,blah,blah I can't hear you!' "

Oh how true! Thanks for the kind words Mike, I'll add you here too!


code said...

I like the not-dark new look for the page. Fits the "ocean" theme a lot better-er.

Jessi said...

well, gee thanks jer....i like it better-er too ;)

Michelle said...

oooh, i do like the new layout. very purdy.

vicki said...

I like yellow...but I'm not sure that I see any 'waves'.Why the change?
Yes you are very patient,Hon.