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Saturday, January 20

The Next Step

So - I did it! I applied to the Practical Nursing Program for the fall of '07. Friday afternoon, I sat down, told OCAS all about me, paid my $85, plus another $8 to have my transcripts sent....and now I wait. I am, surprisingly, a little nervous.

I've already been to college once, a young 19 year old who thought I could save the world by becoming a Social Worker. My college years got interrupted by a little thing I like to call Tim - and I realized that Social Work was not for me.

Now, as I'm waiting I'm thinking about all the things that could go wrong. I am nervous because they could say no. I have been banking on going to college next year - that was always the plan. But now it's not up to me - it's up to some person behind a desk who thinks I'm suitable or not. I am also nervous because for the past 6 years - I've had it pretty good. Not that being a Mom is an easy job by any means - but I had very manageable jobs with a lot of time to devote to Garnet and Tim. Next year I will be going to school weekdays and working weekends - and still trying to have time for Garnet and Tim. And also I'm a little nervous because we are going to be shelling out thousands of dollars for me to do it all. We did the student loan thing before. Now, with my student loans (from my 'finding myself' year) and Garnet's student loans (from his 'keep going to school until I get a job' years) we'll be paying until we are 84. (well, close enough...) Incidentally, we chose to suck it up and pay the next 2 years from our pockets - so don't be surprised if we show up on your doorstep asking for food.

So the nerves are a little tight -- but I'm overall very excited that it's all falling into place.


code said...

I'll be praying.

...I think you'll get it easy-peasy though. Sorry to burst your nerves. :P

Coondog said...

Good for you....and Garnet. He was just saying at work the otehr day that he didn't to get you out working so you can support his habit of gadgets and Chrysler products!

Jessi said...

thanks you jer - that's encouraging.

....and mike, if that's the case i'm going to have to find a better paying profession!! i'll make barely enough for one car a year -- let alone every six months ;)

Jenni said...

We will have to pick the same days we go begging for food at mom and dads so they dont have to cook twice! Good luck

Jessi said...

yes jenni good idea! your mom and dad are great in the food area ;)

(ps happy birthday matt!)

vicki said...

Congrats, Hon! We are so proud of you! You have the heart and brains to make a great nurse...
you know you can raid our fridge any time...we might even cook fo you!
XO Mom and Dad

Michelle said...

so, why the switch from social work to nursing?

Jessi said...

that's a whole blog in itself, michelle!

basically, i saw children and situations that i would not wish on my worst enemy -- and i couldn't do anything about it. i would have wanted to bring each of these children home and show them the love that they were missing in life.....but obviously that wasn't an option. with my own baby on the way i had to decide whether this was the baggage i wanted to bring home to my family every night.
it takes a very strong person to be a social worker - i admire them so much. but i wouldn't have been able to separate work from home.

nursing will still be hard - i'm aware of that - but atleast there are more positives. medical relief seems to have a lot more positive outlook than emotional relief. and i will know that at the end of most days - i will have helped someone.

does that make sense?

code said...

Our fam did the foster parenting thing w/ CAS for years, so between that (ie. interacting a lot with social workers themselves and of course, even more with their "cases") and working in developmental services now (which is akin to nursing in some respects) for nearly 5 years... yes it does make sense. At least to me.

Michelle said...

it makes perfect sense. i would find that work very hard/emotionally draining as well.