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Tuesday, February 13

Eyes like a giraffe, no sexy rims like a PT - but I have darn good peaches!

27....is really close to 30. But I still got asked for ID last night when I asked for a glass of wine!!!! So it's nice to know I still look like I am 16. But my little sister still had to rub it in that I'M OLD! (hence the peaches reference, before anyone has a nasty comment on that one ;)

All I wanted was a date. That's all I asked him for. We are spending so much money on the kitchen I figured that it was only fair that I not expect anything for my birthday. Instead we could take advantage of our free babysitting service (read: Hillary) and Kitchen Renovation/Eating out gift from my parents. I wanted to go to Olive Garden, because I love Pasta and I knew that I'd never be able to get him into that restaurant for any other reason except my birthday. And he even has it easy as he gets to incorporate Birthday and Valentine's Day into one --- which is any guy's dream!

I knew we were in for a really romantic night when he suggests maybe going out for dinner at 8 instead of 5-- so that he can spend the rest of the daylight putting the PT cruiser back together.

Yes, king of romance strikes again.

My blank, evil stare with my 'don't-even-think-about-it' eyes must have given him a clear message.

Seven years ago today is when Garnet proposed. We have been dating for 8 1/2 years -- I know him by now. I should know better than to expect some big romantic gesture out of no where. I sat looking at him over dinner with a smug look on his face as he's trying to blind me with the reflection off his watch. Pretending to talk all deep and serious while watching the light blind me - and really cracking himself up in the process. A few minutes into the meal I catch him staring into my eyes, and my heart melts. I stop and return the loving stare into his eyes.

"What are you thinking about?" Giving him the clear path to say something sweet and romantic, opening it right up for him, he didn't really even have to try hard;

"Imagine what it would look like if a giraffe wore mascara."


He may not be the most romantic, he may not even have an ounce of romance in him -- but I wouldn't change a thing. All these years and he still makes me laugh and keeps the excitement level high -- I'd take that over flowers anyday ;)


Jer said...

He must really like your neck! lol

Have a great day!

vicki said...

Laughter is wonderful...
I'm with jer...was he looking at your neck...or your eyes?...or right past you?
Enjoy your birthday my little almost Valentine Sweetie!
xo Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jess. Your husband is a wack job, but he's alright. Regardless of his socially retarded antics in your presence he always sings your praises at work. In fact if we didn't know better none of us would believe you existed.

Coondog said...

He makes me laugh too...out of sheer wonderment that there is someone that meticulous on this planet.