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Wednesday, February 7

A Good Day

I volunteered at the Hospital today. This month marks 1 year of volunteering. And I am still loving it as much as the first day!
When I went in today I looked at the board to see who the Nurse's Aide was that I would be with -- and there was no name. I asked the nurses if there was anybody here for me to help. But they informed me that the Aide had called in sick and they couldn't replace her. One nurse sort of wrinkled her nose and asked if I knew what I was doing enough to stay. (Understandably, I would simply be in their way, on an already busy day, if I didn't know what I was doing) The one nurse there who knew me stood up and said "Oh, she is good - she'll be a great help today!"

So I was alone - doing the Unit Helper's job and helping the nurses. It felt great - and I actually knew what I was doing! I almost surprised myself! All morning the nurses were asking my name and thanking me. It's the first time that a few of them had even acknowledged me - let alone ask my name. They even said they should treat me to lunch ;) I assured them it was my pleasure to help.

I came home on a cloud - thinking "That is where I belong - that is what I want to do everyday."

I opened the mailbox to find beautiful Valentine's Cards and Birthday card from my wonderful, thoughtful Mom and Dad...................AND MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO THE NURSING PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!


code said...


...and you gotta love the irony. Sounds like it wasn't just a "good" day, but more like a "great/awesome/fantastic/incredible" day.

(told ya!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you deserve it. You will be an outstanding nurse.

vicki said...

WooHoo!! Congrats Honey!! That's great!!And we are so proud of you ...for what you are doing and the gifts you have!
xoxoxoMom and Dad

Michelle said...

sweet! what an awesome day, and what great news! it's so great when you're doing something you feel like you're *meant* to do, huh!