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Saturday, February 17

Lifestyle Changes

I am really proud of Garnet. Since I rag on him quite a bit on here (all in loving funness of course ;) I figure I should give him credit where credit is due. One thing about him (maybe attributed to the OCD...) is that when he puts his mind to something he does it. No excuses - he just follows through with anything. I admire that about him because I am not like that at all.

The beginning of this year he decided he was going to start biking to work and eating better. Since we got married he has gained over 80 pounds. We weighed the same on our wedding day - I was carrying a little baby weight he was a very tiny guy. So obviously he is not setting out to lose 80 pounds and look like that little 19 year old again - but he wants to be healthier. The snow and the cold weather came and he couldn't bike to work anymore - but he has since cut down on his portions, stopped eating in the evenings and switched to Whole Grain instead of white. We have been going to bed a decent time and that is helping a lot too I believe - I am actually up this morning at 7 by myself without the groggy head feeling that I would normally have on a Saturday morning. Garnet has also been working a lot of days (he used to switch so that he was on nights all the time) And all of these things combined have been marvelous for us all!

He has lost almost 20 pounds already! It is completely melting off of him - it's crazy!

I am a little jealous seeing as I have only managed to lose 5 pounds -- but that is the curse of the Womanly body. It's amazing because the healthy things may not always taste better - and we look for the immediate gratification of junk food. But it's the junk food that makes our bodies feel like crap.

Yes, he's even eating whole wheat pasta! (He swore he would never touch the stuff!)


Jer said...

Whole Wheat Pasta sounds like a tragedy of the worst kind... until you have it a few times and get used to it. Then you stop caring, because it's fine. :P

Go Garnet! :)

Buster said...

way to go little guy....

Coondog said...

Garnet, have you told Jess about all the pizza, pop, and chips you eat at work all the time???

the salmon said...

way to go Garnet! i'm losing too, but i get to eat lots of extra food because of nursing, so its not as hard as it would be for you. and jessi, you are probably having slower weight loss because you dont have as much to lose (no offence to Garnet)...you look great in all the pictures i see :D