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Wednesday, March 7

Hillary's Special Day

Tim and I made a special "Pakistan Food" Dinner of Pineapple Chicken Curry. It was hard to hide the smell of it cooking....but we still surprised her ;)

We gave her beautiful tulips to wake up to Springtime and Happiness ;)

Yummy Sherbet Sundaes for dessert, whip cream, skor bits, chocolate and a cherry on top......mmmmmm mmmmmm!!!

Tim enjoyed every drop of it (as you can see)

Then we finished off the night watching American Idol and House (an indulgence that she usually has to feel guilty about because of all her school work) Although we got shafted to the 13" tv upstairs because Garnet had to watch his hockey on the big screen.

I love my sister.....


vicki said...

You two are so beautiful!Wow! what a celebration..You sure know how to party!
Glad you could relax on your birthday Hillary!We love you both muchly!!
xoxo Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

i love my sister too! :)

thanks for the fantastic day!! :)