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Sunday, April 8

Easter? or Christmas?

I've been fighting a yucky cold all weekend and was enjoying laying around and having no where to go -- letting Tim watch movies and have cup after cup of warm tea. But yesterday morning I decided to be Super Mom and brave Easter in the Park......this is what it looked like;
Tim's friend came along with us and apparently told his mom that he had fun -- "but Jessica complained the WHOLE time about how cold it was!" You're damn right I did! I even tried after about an hour into it to bribe them; "If we leave now I will buy you all the chocolate you can eat --- bags and bags of it!!!" No deal. But they still had fun;
Then the Easter Bunny came and we had to wake up at 6:30 to see what he brought because Daddy wanted to see too and he had to work all weekend.
I love Easter -- I loved seeing Tim's excitement over his new shoes and new Spring Jacket -- oh, and Chocolate too ;).........snow is just so depressing!! I hope it goes away soon - those few weeks of warm weather was such a tease!


Jer said...

That's some pretty serious Easter loot. :)

Buster said...

"those few weeks of warm weather was such a tease"
My spelling maybe be poor, but my english is purfict.

Jessi said...

you are perfect, buster. not just your english, but everything. you do not make any mistakes - ever. i wish i could be just like you. and monthes? it IS spelled with an e. always. they will be changing it in the dictionary -- just for you.
why? because you are god. thank you for correcting me - i will be fixing my grammar and sending all my blogs to be proof read by you before i dare publish them. you rock. KART wheels and all.

Buster said...

hmmmm, seem to have hit a nerve. Is this because you have decided to leave politics?

Jessi said...

no nerve -- i just thought flattery would work in calling a truce.
and i believe i've made it clear; this belinda stronach does not allow politics to be discussed on her blog. not by you or my mom.

now get off mine and update yours!