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Friday, May 4

What do I miss the most???

The camera or Garnet?

I was in panic mode on Tuesday night when I realized that Garnet had the camera with him in Orillia -- and Tim had a play at school!! Luckily our friend Jason steppped up and loaned his out graciously. I may have to start being nice now, Buster. I may.

He was a 'weed' in the spring play. They were the cool guys -- so he had to dress all in camouflauge. He thought that was the coolest thing ever.

We also enjoyed a pizza picnic down by the water under the bridge before the evening performance. I have really enjoyed my week with Tim. I feel blessed to have such an amazing child who I can have so much fun with.

The play was really cute. There are some videos coming but they're giving me a hard time tonight. I am really sad that I missed the 3 second break dancing routine that Tim did -- it was so cute. But it wasn't a scheduled part to the act (they could choose to do it or not) for the afternoon production he didn't do it (too embarrassed) but he did in the evening -- and I had just taken a picture. By the time I switched back to video he was done :(
Here he is with his girlfriend Olivia (the Robin), and a cute shot of his green hair!

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Anonymous said...

ummm... i may be a little bias but he IS the coolest thing ever!
love the costume monkey, and i hope i can see your dance when i am there in 7 days!!
love you two!