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Tuesday, March 30

I cut my finger, with my own finger nail, putting my belt on.

I decided on the title of this post, because I wanted to explain why there may be spelling issues in this post. My middle finger has a huge band-aid on it -- making it extremely hard to type. I also wanted to give a little bit of insight into my life lately - and why I haven't blogged in a few weeks.

Picture this; at the grocery store, about halfway done groceries, the phone rings - it's my husband. We have had an insane weekend. He just worked 22 hours straight the day before - arriving home at 3 am. I have been dealing with a sick, cranky baby all weekend -- after a sick, cranky baby all week. We are both a little agitated - I have the baby, he has Tim - we are supposed to be meeting at the arena for Tim's final Hockey game of the season. The game is at 3:50. And? IT'S POURING RAIN. 

Husband: "Honey, can you check the back door and make sure it's locked when you leave."
Me: "Yeah, sure, what time is it? You guys left already?"
Husband: "2:45. You better be on your way home - otherwise you won't make it."
Me: "No, no, I got lots of time." I think I may have even done the hand swat in the air. No worries.
Husband: "You remember that the game is a 1/2 hour away, right? Not our local arena?"


I raced around the grocery store, tried to be pleasant with the SLOWEST. CASHIER. EVER. I threw the groceries in the back of the van, remembered to throw the baby in too. Sped the entire way home, I may have swore a few times at people who think the speed limit being 80 means you have to drive 60 in the rain. I also may have given the finger a few times. They deserved it.

I had to pee, the baby needed a bottle, I had to put the freezer and fridge stuff away, and we live 20 minutes from the grocery store. Do the math. I had about 3 seconds to pee, make a bottle and put the groceries away.

Somewhere in that mess I ran out of the house with my belt undone - I think my pants were done up. I think? Or maybe that explains why my neighbor is avoiding eye contact with me now. Hmmmm, yeah - I didn't think he was shy.

Standing in the pouring rain, in my driveway - I grabbed my belt. In the anxious race to do it up I jammed my thumbnail into the middle finger. Ouch. I kept on doing what I had to do - until I went to hand the bottle to Cameron and saw all the blood.

There was a huge chunk out of my finger. "Ooooh, I guess it was a really ouch." 

I made it to the arena at 3:54. And they were running late. Game actually started at 4:15. Nice.

This pretty much sums up the feeling that I have felt the last few weeks. Running around in circles after my own tail. Or belt? Yesterday, Cameron actually decided to sleep more than 20 minutes for his nap. It was heavenly. I got so much house work done. Which is great. Because on the agenda for naptime today?

Tea. Computer. Write.

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