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Tuesday, March 2

Spring is Coming!

The weather is sunny and getting warmer - I love the first feeling of spring in the air! This spring and summer is going to be a lot different than last year -- or the last 10 years for that matter! Last year I was either pregnant or had a newborn. Tim and I usually have the summer to ourselves and we go biking, to the beach, hang out in the pool. Last year he missed out on that. Garnet took parental during the summer and it was nice to have him around -- but it was an adjustment for Tim and I. The one thing that our little family loves to do is Bike - Tim and I didn't do any of that last year (for obvious physical reasons!) Tim has been pulling the guilty heart strings lately about how Cameron has stolen his 'fun mommy'. How nice is that?!
So this year I am determined to make it up to him. Which means we need a way to bike with baby.

We've been looking at bike trailers - and I think that's the best way to go. Baby bike seats make me nervous and would be harder to switch from my bike to Garnet's when we need to. A lot of them also convert into jogging strollers which is nice, because it would mean less to pack when we go camping or up north.

We have been looking at the InStep Sierra which looks like it might be the winner. Garnet has to research everything forever before he can make a decision. We are also being a lot more conscious of purchases now, and money spent. Which means we have been looking on Kijiji for used bike trailers. But so far the ones that we've found are either in horrible condition or they are asking double the price of what we could get it for brand new!!

Any advice for me? Have you used one that you loved/hated? I never had one with Tim - but I didn't bike when Tim was young. And I don't want to give up our biking that Tim so desperately misses - the adjustment of having a second child!!

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