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Thursday, April 28

Good news...

You won the lottery?
No, but I just saved a bundle on my car insurance!!

Being young means that up until now we have been paying about the same amount on car insurance as we do for our car payments...yeah seems crazy doesn't it? That's what I get for marrying a younger man ;) But now that our insurance is up for renewal and I am 25 - we did some shopping around and found a place for almost half of what we were paying before!! It always feels good to save money. We were starting to feel like we should just live in the car since our car payments were comparable with our mortgage payment!! Yeah we were pretty shocked too!

So yay! I think I'll go shopping!

xo J


Michelle said...

you sound like you could be an ad for car insurance :) we were so thrilled to learn that our insurance payments went down after we turned 25! guess we're not crazy young kids anymore.

Jessi said...

yeah...now we're just crazy old kids ;)