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Monday, May 30

Starting to Grow! Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! :)
all our hard work will pay off!!...how is your back Garnet??

Jessi said...

Hill, he whined the entire week - like he's the only person EVER to have a sunburn!! I was so close to taping his mouth just so i didn't have to hear him anymore!!! The worst was when he wanted me to scratch it...ewww!!!

But yeah, the garden is coming so good! (except for the Tomato Plants that the Bunnies got!)

Anonymous said...

:( the tomato plants!!!! I am so sad!...but i am glad everything else is ok....I just hope that those bunnies don't come back and eat everything!
Love you! xoxo

and p.s. pass on my sympathies to Garnet...;)