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Monday, May 30


We bought Tim a Trampoline for his Birthday this year!! (yes, his birthday is in July....but he had to be able to enjoy it for the whole season!! And plus, you know Garnet and I when it comes to gifts and waiting ;)
Lots of videos and more fun pictures on the Web Album...we had a blast putting it up and jumping for hours tonight....speaking of which - anyone know a good masseuse??

Garnet doing one of his many tricks....

Jess doing her only trick; trying not to fall off ;)

Flying Tim!!

The face says it all!! Posted by Hello


kelly said...

The bonus of a trampoline is that they are fun and are great exercise (for the days that your head wins the argument against going to the gym...)

Jessi said...

that's true kelly, i was on last night for about 2 hours and i'm feeling every muscle in my body today!!