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Sunday, July 31

Change of plans...

Meeting for lunch.....10 more sleeps until the 'real' visit!! Posted by Picasa

So Hillary called my mom this morning explaining that something (or someone) had messed up with what time the flight left from Pakistan....and they missed their flight!

My parents had already driven down to Orangville to stay at my aunts yesterday and were heading to the airport this morning - Josh was supposed to catch a RobertQ from Toronto and come stay with us for a week (until we went up)

Needless to say; plans changed a little! So we decided to meet in London for lunch and pick up Josh. It made their trip a little less wasted because they got to see us:)

No worries - Hillary will be arriving in Toronto on Tuesday sometime -- but until Mom and Dad cool down a little, I think she's on her own for a ride to the Bay!!

It was a nice little surprise visit, can't wait for the real Vacation in a week and half!!
xo J

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