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Tuesday, August 2

It's all good

Hillary made it home safely - and was undisturbed by the plane crash at Pearson today. She's happy to be home and will be even happier once her stomach is clear of any Pakistani tag-alongs she picked up along the way. The verdict on the nose piercing is pretty dismal according to Mom and Dad's opinion. But Garnet says; "That's hot, Hilsy." That husband of mine is always on Hillary's side :)

Josh has had a few good days visiting with us. Tim has been so ecstatic to have a buddy at his beck and call -- at all times! (And Garnet and I have been more than ecstatic to have the 'entertaining the kid' job shared!!) We went out for Ice Cream last night after his soccer game with one of his soccer buddies - Josh didn't want to come. Tim asked why Josh wasn't coming because "Everything is so boring without Josh"

Josh was lucky enough to get a classic "Tim Awakening" this morning when he rolled over to see Tim's wide eyes staring at him from his perched "I'm-waiting-for-you-to-feel-me-watching-you-and-wake-up" position. Just freaked him out for a second - but he was definitely wide awake after that!

Pictures to come soon....I'm tired tonight. (Having Josh here also means that I can get my work out at the gym every night even if Garnet is working nights!!! Yay! So I'm totally taking advantage of him!!)

I'm getting excited about coming up to North Bay next week especially since I've had such a nice response from people about getting visits in...can't wait to see everybody!

G'night All,

xo J


Michelle said...

so glad that hillary got home safely, even if it is with an extra hole in her body LOL post a picture, i want to see it! hopefully we can get together in north bay.. perhaps you, garnet and tim would like to spend an afternoon at my dad's cottage?

Jessi said...

that sounds awesome michelle -- you'll have to email me a number to reach you at while you are up there -- I think I sent my parents number to you in my mass email - yes?

Michelle said...

yup, i got your parent's phone number in your email. not sure which part of the week we're gonna be spending with my dad (oh the joys of divorced parents!), but we're hoping for a few days with good weather :)