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Sunday, July 17


Sometimes it's a really good thing to have a really awesome day -- it's almost as though it emotionally prepares you for the next one...that might cause a nervous breakdown;

Tim had his first sleepover on Friday night -- he's slept over places before but not like a real "sleepover" where his buddy invites him and it's not us needing a babysitter overnight.
So, Garnet and I had an awesome date night! It's so nice when you don't have to worry about getting the babysitter home afterwards, or being out too late to wake up early...though it was a little weird to be able to sleep in and not hear Tim in the morning. It was an awesome night for all of us.

We went to Blue Water Fun Park on Saturday with the same family that he slept over at - and got Thunderstormed and rained out. They reassured us (because there are no rainchecks or refunds) that they've never had to close the park due to weather. They informed us that they would shut the slides and activities down for lightening but that's usually only for a few minutes.
We left for lunch and returned hoping for the park to be re-opened...but it was shut down. There was so much rain that the pools were overflowing and they couldn't keep the right pH levels.
We were lucky enough (after some complaining) to get vouchers for another visit.

We came home to 4-5 inches of water in our basement.

That was yesterday at 2:30 in the afternoon---- this is the first time that I've sat down since then. Apparently the sewers in Sarnia were so backed up that it had to choose a bunch of basements to fill...we were one of the lucky ones. All 24 units in our condo complex were some of the lucky ones and a whole wack of other homes in the city.

Yeah, we love Sarnia -- wanna come visit? Like the pollution isn't bad enough - the city is also too poor to fix the water drains that fill and cause massive road flooding everytime it rains. They wait for something like this to happen and piss us off as well as the insurance companies and everyone else that's affected - and they'll eventually have to put out the money and fix it anyways! No such thing as preventative maintenance in this wonderful city I guess. Our condo corp's insurance company will cover the walls and structural damage, our insurance company should cover the rest of the stuff that we lost. We just have to come up with the $1000 deductible - fun stuff.

I love my husband. I would have sat down and cried for a few hours but he's very calm under pressure and the hardest worker I've ever met. With his reassurance and perserverance we got the whole thing cleaned up and organized rather quickly. A few buckets of bleach and a new Rigid Wet/Dry Vacuum got rid of the gross stuff and putrid smell. The clean up crew was in today to take the walls out and clean up a bit more we now have massive fans and a dehumidifier in our basement. We'll be dealing with the insurance company tomorrow - having an adjuster come out and trying to convince him that the pile of junk in our back yard was actually worth something. They'll probably be jackasses and give us nothing because we all know how much Insurance companies love to take our money but as for giving it to us when it's needed...well, thats just so diffficult for them.

I'll try to keep ya'll posted on the developments when I can - seeing as our computer was one of the many things that drowned. I'm writing this on a mixture of the salvaged computer guts from the 3 computers that Garnet had in our basement waiting to fix.

I know I'll look back and remember this time with a proud smile in a few years. Just another obstacle in our life to overcome - we've had plenty others we can make it through this one.

But as for right now, I still just want to sit down and cry.....


Michelle said...

oh that's horrible! we just had a small leak in our basement, and that was enough for us! i couldn't imagine our whole basement flooded (and hopefully i'll never have to)... hope you guys get enough insurance money to cover everything!

kelly said...

oh man! i'm so sorry to hear that! those pictures are crazy! i agree with michelle - i hope the insurance company helps out and covers it all!

Jessi said...

Thanks girls....insurance coverage is looking pretty good. and i'm just so thankful that everything we lost IS replacable. the water was literally millimetres away from the photo albums on the bottom of the book shelf...i would have died if i had lost pictures or things that don't have a monetary value!