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Tuesday, July 19

Update on the Chaos

The clean up is almost done. Our insurance adjuster came today -- it went ok. She seemed pretty reasonable about stuff. They want to get someone to look at the damage to the computers, and the washer and dryer and give a quote on repair or replacement. So it will be a few more days before everything is worked out. I can't believe they'd allow a repair and make us do our laundry in shitsoaked appliances - but hey, if they can save a few bucks!

We'll definitely be getting new ones - even if it's out of our own pocket. That's just nasty.

The clean up crew had to go through our garbage pile and bags in the back today - what a job. I felt really bad for all those guys. They had to like pick out every toy of Tim's and try to identify it...that was interesting. I decided to help them after a while when I realized that they were picking the toys out and saying "What's this?" playing with it for a while and sticking a name on it.
"Hmmm....looks a like a house..or something?"
"No that's a Train Station - for the train set that's it's surrounded by."
"It's like a Dog...or something."
"That's Blue...uh from Blue's Clue's."
They had to take measurements of everything - the desk, book shelf, tv stand, carpet, play mats, comforters. Identify everything they could by the upc numbers or whatever they could find.

Poor guys.

Sarnia is in some serious trouble. Some stores at the mall were sewage attacked as well as the majority of our neighbouring community. I smell law suits coming out their hoo-ha. And thanks to some serious cleaning, and that blessed dehumidfier thats all I smell!

Our insurance compnay is even paying us for our labour because we did most of the cleaning in our unit. I thought that was nice.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming to take Tim on the weekend - which will be soooo nice. My poor little buddy is pretty frustrated and bored around here lately. His birthday is next week -- and we've been neglecting him the last few days.
Garnet and I will have another overnight date night on Saturday -- wow 2 in a week, we won't know what to do with eachother!! ;)

So we're surviving....and I still haven't cried!!


the salmon said...

i'm so sorry to hear! i hope you get a good cry soon although blogging is good therapy too.


Josh F said...

Crying is for babies!