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Tuesday, July 5

Garden Growing Good!

It's all coming along great! We're all excited to start eating it!
Garnet is still the miracle grow king...Tim helps himself to the lettuce all the time, stuffs his mouth as full as he can and is eagerly awaiting any more sign of edible food.

I've weeded a few times while fighting the mosquitoes and the rain! It's almost like the rain waits for me to get in there and starts to downpour...that's ok muddy is good.

Look how high the corn is!

Gonna have a salad!


Michelle said...

okay, i'm jealous.. the bunny ate everything except two tomato plants and half of a green pepper plant in our garden :( all the lettuce, spinach, peas, beans, carrots, radishes... gone!!!

Jessi said...

michelle -- that's why you'll notice the fence around ours!! a bunny got the first round of tomatoe plants...these are the second ;)