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Wednesday, July 6

Telemarketers and my personal life...

I just had the weirdest experience with a telemarketer - ever.

The ring interrupted my nightly workout and I was racing around trying to find the phone. (The great thing about portable phones and 3 levels is that you can guarrantee you'll always be on the furthest floor from them...and even though we have 2 - they will always be right beside eachother.)

Anyways - needless to say I was breathless answering the phone. Upon hearing them ask for Mrs. Forsyth (maiden name) I tune out and look for the first second to interrupt and say I'm not interested. I'm sorry, to all the telemarketers out there - but you're like nails on a chalkboard to me.

"Not right now, thank you" I say shortly

"Alright, thank you for your time" I was just about to hang up when he asked

"Are you alright ma'am? You sound out of breath."

"I'm fine, I'm just in the middle of something - and I couldn't find the phone."

(chuckle) "Sorry to interrupt...um...whatever you were doing. I know these phone calls can ruin the mood" click.

....ummm....what the?!...

I should listen more carefully next time to who these companies are that are calling -- I'm sure they'd love to know that their employees are commenting on people's sex lives!

...and for the record; I was working out.


Anonymous said...

That's a classic,hon.Guess he wasn't focused on whatever he was trying to sell!

the salmon said...

that's funny! you have great stories Jess, thanks for sharing ;)

kelly said...

well, it CAN be a workout! ;)

Michelle said...

well, i sincerely hope that things are interesting enough in bed, that if you were actually caught up in the act, so to say, that answering the phone would be the furthest thing from your mind!!

Jessi said...

anonymous; (mom i think?)typical male attention span - as soon as 'that thought' enters the mind.

glad you like my stories amanda...i'll keep 'em coming!

how true kelly! a lot more fun than running at 5am or heading off to the gym too, huh?

michelle - that's exactly what i thought... 'who would stop to answer the phone anyways?!'

Anonymous said...

as someone who has been on the other end of a telemarketing call (ie. The Telemarketer) people do answer the phone while "occupied"