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Monday, August 29


So we have been dealing with the insurance people all summer -- the flood, the condo corp, the car...it's all been so fun, really.
Today we got the list that they made of all the garbage that they picked through and put a monetary value on everything - then a depreciated value on everything. It's weird because some items have been depreciated 10% and others as much as 50%....
The one good thing is that our deductible was cut in half because they paid us for our labour - by the time that the cleaning crew came in we had already done everything that they would have done.
And the other good thing is that we only have 6 months to replace everything -- which means that the rush is on to finish the basement!!

I have to remember that there is a reason for everything - and that sometimes bad things happen as a blessing in disguise. I truly think that this was a blessing in disguise - because it will be so nice to finally finish the basement -- I just wanted it to be under nicer, not so messy circumstances. There have been so many other times in my life when I seriously thought things couldn't get any worse and I was ready to die -- but now that I look back something beautiful and amazing happened.
We have to experience the valleys to appreciate the mountains right?

and on that cheesy note,
xo J

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