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Tuesday, August 30

Out of Practice

I babysat my friend's 2 little boys today -- and I realized how much I've forgotten throughout all the different stages of the last 5 years! Her oldest is 5 (Tim's best friend) so that part was a breeze. Not only do they entertain each other, but 5 year olds are pretty easy when it comes to babysitting. Plus, his mom is a lot like me so he gets my sarcasm and jokeyness (not a word but I don't care) so I don't have to worry about changing the way I say things and being all sweet and sugary. Like when he leaves his food wrapper on the ground I can say "oh yeah, cause I love picking up your garbage"....and he totally gets it!

The 14 month old, however, reminded me that although I look after younger kids every morning, apparently I am way out of practice for the simpler things. I only went through that stage less than 4 years ago with Tim -- so how hard was it going to be? Every parent swears they'll never forget.....well, just so you know; you do forget!

After letting him get knocked over by the big boys on the swing and watching him eat dirt - for about 30 seconds before I realized what he was doing -- I woke up. And I remembered that this is why I love my little corner room at the Y that the kids can't get out of - and where there is nothing to get into! Here in the real world however...things are a bit more of a challenge.

We both survived outside play and then; Spaghetti time came. My plan that I was going to be neat and feed the child in an orderly fashion was met by fierce screaming and a control issue kind of battle over the fork -- and he wasn't too happy either. I gave in, a little, and decided to let him eat as I held the bowl -- apparently this isn't allowed either. That ended with him dumping the spaghetti on his highchair tray and throwing the bowl at me....oh and I think I stuck my tongue out at him somewhere in there too.

As he ate, I watched the mess around us multiply at lightening speed, knowing that bath time was definitely going to be in order...and I was so out of practice on bathtime I'm not even recalling memories. I sighed as I thought about how nice it is to have a 5 year old! Don't get me wrong - I love babies -- I adore the time I get to spend with them everyday -- but OH how I love the independance, neatness and ability to speak that my Tim has!!

Just as the round 3 in the Spaghetti war was nearing an end my sweet little Tim came up and said "Hi...I love you, mom." Aaaaawww I melted.

Then his little voice said "Mom? Where's his bib?"

Oh yeah. That probably would have been helpful. Another thing 5 year olds are so great at - reminding you when you screw something up. Note to self; 1 year olds need bibs when eating spaghetti.

When their mom called a few minutes later - I answered as bright and cheerful as I could. "Everything's awesome...." and then as I looked down at the tiny blue shirt now stained a very bright orange in every place imaginable; "but I think I owe you a shirt."

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Michelle said...

14 month olds really are that different! you really have to give in to the messy independance, huh! at 18 months, ellia wouldn't even let me hold her hand when she was going down the steep stairs.. eek! i think, just to give me a heart attack?? everything is "me do!" and the more mess, the better!

oh well, this is how kaeden learned to help clean up his own mess though, so it's all good :)