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Sunday, September 25

I've been tagged

Wow, Kelly you sure made me think!! Caught me at a good time though because I'm sick -so I'm not doing much else today :)

Ten Random Things About Me:
1. I am only 5'2" and I hate wearing heels
2. When I was younger I owned 7 rabbits and they were all named Murphy (Females were Murphette)
3. I love fishing, but I am deathly allergic to fish - and I have once filleted a fish with a butter knife
4. I love Sunflowers - when I was younger my Dad called me his little sunflower because of my brown eyes and blonde hair
5. I'm not a real blonde anymore
6. I met my first boyfriend in line for the Drop Zone at Canada's Wonderland - and we were married with a baby 2 years later.
7. I write poetry and journals and love taking pictures
8. I tend to hold grudges too long and have a hard time forgetting anything
9. I have kept every letter or (personal) card I've ever gotten
10. I truly believe that a Bubble Bath with candles can solve any problem

Nine Places I've Visited:
1. Calgary, AB
2. Banff, AB
3. Edmonton, AB....(well, the mall...)
4. Vancouver, BC
5. Montreal, QC
6. Sandusky, Ohio (Cedar Point)
7. Muskoka, Ont (Algonquin Park and Emily's House :)
8. ummm...Toronto, Ont.
9. Yeah, I got nothin'....refer to #1 of next question!

Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
2. Eat healthy and exercise because I want to - not because I have to
3. Start volunteering with the homeless and less fortunate again
4. Take a cruise
5. Have some of my photos published
6. Keep a more frequent Journal like I did when I was younger
7. Love deeply, selflessly, real and true
8. Leave a good mark or a memory in the hearts of all I knew

Seven Ways To Win My Heart: (Garnet's input on this question was that I should just put his name 7 times :)
1. Love me....my temper, insecurities, ups and downs and all the other crap that constitutes me
2. Respect me, and everything that I hold dear
3. Laugh - with me, at me, inspite of me, and make me laugh too
4. Be my friend as well as my lover
5. Think I'm beautiful and sexy especially when I don't feel I am
6. Listen to me....even when I ramble and blab
7. Keep it exciting

Six Things I Believe In:
1. God, but I don't believe you need Sunday, Church, hard pews, dressy clothes, fake smiles or old songs to know Him.
2. That everyone hurts, cries, feels, laughs, smiles, soars and falls....but not enough people share
3. Karma
4. That everyone deserves to be loved
5. That everyone has the chance (whether they choose to or not) to be a good person
6. Soulmates

Five Things I'm Afraid Of:
1. Not telling my loved ones enough how much I love them
2. Looking back on life with regrets
3. Not being true, honest and real
4. Not being liked
5. Scary Movies...but I watch them anyways

Four of My Favorite Things in the Bedroom:
1. My Bed (preferrably with my Husband in it ;)
2. My Computer
3. My 'Smell Pretty' Lotions
4. My 'Naked' Painting ("New Baby" by my friend Kim)

Three Things I Do Everyday:
1. Tell Garnet and Tim that I love them
2. Shower/Bath
3. Think about life

Two Things I Hate:
1. Judgments/Prejudices
2. Fakeness/Masks

One Person I Want to See Right Now:
1. Myself in 10 years

So I tag -- Charity, Michelle and Shanna (if you have time way down in Guatemala:)
(And I think more of my friends should start blogs so I could tag you all....you know who you are!)


kelly said...

well, i'm glad i tagged you! good to read more about who you are :)

Charity said...

I remember that DropZone lineup!!

Jessi said...

who knew, huh Charity? :)

ahem...where's your list?

Shanna said...

Thanks Jess, nothing like a game of tag! And I love all of your pics, you should definitely publish some! And teach me :) What kind of camera is the new one? I'm in the market...

Love, s