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Thursday, September 22

Thunder and the simple things

A terrifying crash of lightening outside our home today made me think.

I found myself almost wishing the lights would shut off and we would have to resort to a few hours of darkness. I remember the blackout in August 2003. Garnet and I stayed up playing Monoploy and talking all night - something we would never have done if the internet, TV and lights were working. Isn't it amazing how fast we can fill our little lives - with things that we think are important?

I've been working more hours at my job this year - it's still not even close to full time but between that and all the running around it's filling my day up enough that the laundry and housework have piled up. Swimming and school and friends have kept Tim as busy as he needs to be - and Hockey hasn't even started yet!! Garnet has been working on the basement. It's starting to look so good -- I am amazed at what he is doing. He's a pretty smart guy.

The last few days Tim and Garnet have both been sick. Maybe their bodies are telling them to relax, take it easy.

I took a Vanilla Almond Bubble Bath, lit the Mocha candles, snuggled with my sick boys. And I wouldn't have minded if the power went out as well.

It's good to stop.
Hold the ones we love.
Do nothing but enjoy them and the sweetness of the simple things -- that bring peace amidst the chaos.

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Anonymous said...

Hon...I'm so glad you have your priorities right...time is a gift.
loving you muchly,mom