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Saturday, September 3

Ready to be a senior!

new shoes!

We did the ever-dreaded school shopping last night. It's exciting -- until you get to the register! Garnet doesn't believe in starting early and doing a little at a time - he likes to do it in one big sweep so we know all the damage! The good thing is that we all finally found a pair of shoes we agreed on. Usually, it's a big fight between the three of us. Tim really, really wants light up shoes...and he has for the last few years. Garnet however, wants him to have good quality shoes that will last through the year. And I want cute, stylish ones that don't look freakishly annoying. The light up ones are always made from the cheapest plastic and look like they are going to fall apart - they figure they'll grab the kids attention by the lights and don't worry about the quality. Whereas the Nikes and Adidas look like they shrunk a version of P. Diddy's new Bling Bling sneakers...and don't fit with a 5 year old's style. So when we saw these, we actually all liked them and a huge bonus - they were on sale!

And yes, they are velcro - even though I just went on and on in the last post about how he learned to tie his shoes!! Don't worry, his outdoor shoes are tie up - so he'll still be able to practice his new skill!

3 more days and he's off to take on the world as a Senior Kindergartner! :)

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