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Wednesday, November 2


of the new instructors!!

Sandra and I couldn't make it to the Monday and Wednesday Spinning classes - so we tried the Tuesday night. Ouch in all new places!! This instructor was on some good caffeine pills or something she had us doing sprints and push-ups like mad and then a race for a full 8 minute song!!! Our other instructor is all about the tension (always screaming "more tension, feel the burn") this new one was all about the speed.

At one painful point, we are drenched and dripping in sweat, airways burning, legs numb. The instructor screams "Keep going, we're almost there!!" and Sandra yells out in pure agony;

"Where the hell are we going???!!!" .....I nearly fell off my bike laughing.

Strangely enough - I feel like I got a much better workout and I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. Sandra and I are both built the same way -- a little extra junk in the trunk. So we were warned about using too much tension on the bike and building more muscle in the legs...thus making them look bigger. So we think we've both found our niche in this new instructor. And it's amazing the endurance and strength in my running that I am gaining from the classes...working different muscle groups I guess.

I'm also finding the benefit from going with a workout partner. Tomorrow we are both working all day....so it will be interesting to see if we can encourage eachother to still go!


Anonymous said...

Those classes sound incredible! I think that's something I should be doing!! I want to feel the burn baby! And I agree with your friend, where the heck are you going when they're yelling "we're almost there!"

Anonymous said...

I have one more thing to say, I could email you but I want everyone else to read this too. Jess, you are so talented at writing! I can't get over how you can put into words what you are thinking and feeling! It's so amazing!! I think that you could go very far with this talent! And your pictures, absolutely incredible! Someday we will be paying for this stuff and I would like your autograph!

Jessi said...

Thanks Ang, that's really sweet of you. (a little flattering....I think I'm blushing :)

You should come with us to the class one night and see if you like the burn!! Call me if you have a free night