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Saturday, November 5

Hockey Pictures (finally)

They look so little!!

Looking serious...


The "I'm ready" stance

Looks like a pro, huh?

Our Tim Horton's Date afterwards

Being Silly (he has to have his Hot Chocolate in a mug now, as you can see......) Posted by Picasa

Hockey has been awesome the last two weeks....no crying, hardly falling and really enjoying it. The coach worked them extra hard today -- and he kept up, worked hard and didn't even try to give up. It's much better for him......and for my heart :)


Anonymous said...

Good Job Tim with your hockey!!! Keep up the good work! And Mom, I feel your pain, Alicia played Soccer this past summer and oh my goodness! It did get better but in the beginning, need I say anymore? Let's just say I understand about the "hurting heart" comments. I thought to myself why am I making her do this? Well, I have now signed her up to be a professional player!! We'll see how long that lasts! (smiling)
Jess, hopefully in the next few weeks I can get over.

Anonymous said...

Tim...you look so cute out there! Looks like fun...maybe some day you will be famous hockey player like....Uncle Josh!!!
love Gramma vicki