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Tuesday, November 15

Ready for Christmas

The Drywall dust is finally cleaned up -- and I have waited patiently until November 15th this year!! (My tree is usually up on Nov 1)

The tree is up -- which means we'll hear Tim at about 5am tomorrow morning sneaking down to turn the lights on....oh yay! (Everyday occurrance until the novelty wears off....which is by about Dec 24th :)

I'm in the Christmas mood though - so nothing can bother me for about 2 months now :)

Getting the lights on

Waiting "patiently" to get the star on

star is up

Decorations on

Relaxing candles, Christmas music and Hot Chocolate....

The only person in the world that loves Christmas more than I do!!!! Posted by Picasa


Hilsy said...

you Littles are just too cute! I can't wait to see the tree!! but guess what my house beat your house with the timing of putting up the tree!!! :) Ours was up yesterday!! ;0

Love ya!!

Jessi said...

wow -- that's a first!!

go to bed...mom says you're tired and shouldn't be blog browsing this late....she's watching you!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics,beautiful Little tradition...and yes I'm watching.

Hilsy said...

ahhh...i am scared (note the sarcasm) but don't worry i went to be early last night...mind you 'winter' is starting here in Windsor, so that means i said goodbye to the sunshine and hello to the dull grey or all-day-everyday...and so the moral is i will be getting enough sleep for the next few months - i like to call it windsor hibernation, b/c i don't feel like doing anything else!!!
...but i am not bitter...

love you guys! :) (AND Cannot wait for (northern) Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hilsy talks more on this blog than her own

Jessi said...

hey funny that you mention that, anonymous.....note my comment on her blog just moments ago.