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Tuesday, November 15

Our Lemon is wet....


Let me explain.
We bought a brand new car a year ago and have had nothing but problems. It's our lemon.

Today, after work, I got in the car in the pouring rain.... to hear a gushing sound from the passenger side.

I looked down to see water pouring in from underneath the glove compartment. Gushing in....

It is currently in the dealership shop completely gutted. The seats, carpet, dash everything is out. We don't know if it's from the 'repair' after the accident (most likely) or just a design flaw....but whatever it is they made us wait all day to see if we would have a rental car -- cause they didn't know if it would be covered under warranty!!!

Can you imagine?? Yeah, it's normal for a 1 year old car to gush water inside, so that's not covered under the warranty....are ya stupid????

Oh, the luck of the Littles.

Stupid car, stupid lease, stupid Dodge SX2.0, stupid Chrysler and their stupid cars......oops, did I say that out loud??


Humour and last laugh said...

you write well!

Michelle said...

oh my, when is that stupid car going to give you a break?? is it too much to ask that the rain stay on the *outside* of the car?

hope it's not too expensive :(

kelly said...

i kinda know how you feel - my car leaks like that too (well, it's been fixed, but still leaks), but it's a '91, so i would imagine there is FAR more frustration in a newer car.
ps. i've always been a honda or toyota girl, though i've never owned one! toyota is next, hopefully...

Jessi said...

that's so funny that you mentioned a toyota kelly! we were trying to decide between a corolla and this car last year -- and went with this one because the insurance would be a little less and so would the payments...........now we're thinking that the extra money would have been worth it!!!!!