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Thursday, November 17

Typical day...

I went to work,
Garnet came in to see me just before noon,
My co-workers have begun to expect Garnet to say;
"I'm test driving a car."
So, no big surprise;
"I'm test driving a car."

His car (the Escort - not our 'lemon') is dying.
He took Tim to Mickey D's,
Came home at 1 to tell me,
"I bought a car."

This makes it our 10th car in 5 years together...
and every single one has been bought in this same crazy-ass spontaneity that I like to call;


Yee Haw.


Anonymous said...

can we see the pix of your new baby kia?

kelly said...

does that mean it's not a honda or toyota?

Jessi said...

we don't get it until monday mom,
pictures then i promise.

kelly, we went with a kia rio -- which is really funny because garnet has always made fun of them.
it's our 'second' vehicle so just mainly used for garnet to get to work and back (or his frequent trips to home depot...etc)--- our next #1 car (when we get out of our lease-from-hell) will be a honda or toyota....i'm making the rules now ;)