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Tuesday, December 6

Tell it like it is...

We had Parent Teacher Interviews today....I am on cloud nine. I know that I have a pretty special little guy - but to hear it from his teacher just makes my day.

She started off by saying "Well, I know you both know that Tim is a pretty fantastic guy!" And went on to praise him. Tim is actually doing grade 1 work because he is so advanced in some areas. I love how she is such a personal teacher and while she was impressed with his work, knowledge and learning - she also brought up more personal character traits. She said she loves how he plays with all the kids - he's happy no matter what group he's in, who he is sitting beside or even if he's playing alone. He doesn't pick favorites or treat any of the kids badly. She said "Tim just wants everybody to be happy and have a great time!" She adores his sensitivity to others feelings and emotions, and says he is always willing to help her or any of the kids. She also brought up his laugh and says it makes her lose it and laugh right along with him when he's giggling. And she finished by saying what she's always said about him; "He lights up this classroom and really makes it a fun place!"

And of course - there was some areas to improve; like focusing more on the work at hand and less on the fans....but we all have known that for a long time!!

What a kid.....


Hilsy said...

Good job Timothy!!! :) You are so smart and i am so Proud of you!!! :)
cannot wait to see you on friday!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Children live what they learn, and learn what they live. You are good parent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good job Tim!! What a kid!! Now Alicia on the other hand...!

Jessi said...

Alicia is an amazing and sweet little girl....we miss her, ang! Tim is always peaking in the yard when we drive over the 402 and goes "where is alicia?! how come she's not playing outside?!!"