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Sunday, December 4

Tree Hunting

Our friends Sandra and Wayne go cut down their tree every year - and they invited us to share the day with them this year. It was a beautiful way to put us into the Christmas spirit! Garnet (aka scrooge) even said that next year we might consider having a real tree! (I would have to be even more patient in putting the tree up...)
We had a great time together, it is a little tree farm about an hour away with a playground, train ride, cookie deocorating, campfires, apple cider and wagon rides.

Aaaahhh....I love Christmas!!!

Pick a tree...any tree...

What a hiding place!

The Group


Lots of helpers for Wayne

Riding in a 2 horse open sleigh...

Cookie decorating time!! (he got more on his face than on the cookie!)


Warm up by the fire

Beautiful day! Posted by Picasa

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