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Saturday, January 28

Be Informed

Part of the reason that I voted Conservative this year was because I want my husband to make it home safely to us at the end of each shift. I know that there are a lot of misconstrued stories about this topic. Unions are a hard thing to love all the time - but the real issue is my husband is not equipped to deal with the idiots that could cross into open-armed Canada. Yes, it's wonderful to have the notion that we are a loving, open-minded, non-violent society. But how are we helping our society if we are providing an easy escape and a safe haven for criminals? Meanwhile, allowing our men and women - who are supposed to be protecting us - sit there waiting for them like sitting ducks? Lately, Border officers are exercising their right to refuse work if they feel that they are in danger - which is causing a lot of travellers headaches. But, how many of us would be willing to meet a machine-gun-carrying, angry criminal on the run - with our bare hands? Here is an example of what happens.

I don't know how much I am able to share on the blog - a lot of my information comes from the information that I get from Garnet. But let me tell you -- there are a lot of scary things happening that don't make it into the news. We are close enough to touch some of these criminals - and our Border Guards are left with Pepper Spray and Batons to protect not only themselves - but our Country!

And obviously; "STOP or ....I'll yell STOP again!!" isn't going to work on a brain dead criminal with a machine gun!

Some Articles for you to read:
READ THE 3RD LINE FROM THE BOTTOM! - scary, huh? (**Garnet informed me that this is called "Release and Notify"....so they don't hold the Armed and Dangerous Criminal in custody but rather let him into Canada and notify the Police that he is now in Canada....hmmm, that makes me feel safe. Obviously, when they refuse to work they have their own safety in mind but also the safety of the country!)
From the U.S. point of View
Arm Border Guards


Anonymous said...

you know this is a subject that gets me boiling! government doesn't think of lives, they think of their reputation. if you don't want Canada to look bad then why are you letting this happen? i certainly do not feel safe when i cross our border!! they're not armed and if someone came through with weapons then not only are guards getting injured/killed so are the bystanders!! i would be a mess if i was in your shoes jess, always worrying about this. i personally think it is outrageous that our border is not armed and equipped for weapons,etc.!!!!!!!! i'm sorry i got started, i find this subject very annoying and frusterating! take note everyone, Garnet(and others) are risking their lives for our country's sake but do you think they are being acknowledged for this? NO!!! you have to be "overseas" for something like that! hey, i'm not disrespecting what our armed forces are doing for our country, but come on already!! let's look in our own backyard for a change!right with you guys on this subject!!

Jessi said...

How true, Ang!! I think a lot of people just don't realize what's going on at the Borders - media is finally starting to come around and report some of it - but I guess it's better for business to report what's going on over seas!! Thank you for your support :)

Michelle said...

wow jess, i didn't know that border guards are unarmed. i always thought they were.

how stupid that they are expected to let criminals thru, then call the police.. what the hell is up with that? shouldn't they be prevented from getting in our country to begin with?!?!

Anonymous said...

the american side is armed but not the canadian...hmmm.